Standby Preempt Command

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Got into a little debate at work today about this command. One engineer says that preempt only needs to be applied to the active router in the HSRP group. Personally I have read/learned that it should always be applied to both sides. To my surprise it worked with just setting the preempt command on the active side. Isn't it cisco best practice to set it on both sides?


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    You want it on both routers. If you are using the track command it will lower the priority on the active router if it lose outbound link and so you will need the standby router to become the active router.
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    We are using the track command on the active router which has the preempt command. It still works if the other side does not have preemt configured.
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    You only need it on both sides if you are going to be decrementing the priority. The theory for having it on one side is the standby will take over if the active dies. Then when the former active comes back up you want it to take back over. There is no reason the standby will ever have to preempt in that situation.
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