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Hey all, so I've conquered 70-290, and just need 291 for my MCSA. I have access to a PC running 2K3 Server as well as a client to do some testing (plus 7 years in IT doing network/desktop support) and I have the MS Press 291 book to study from. I also have a strong background in DNS.

Here's the question, I previously purchased the TrainSignal video series, which covers mostly 2K instead of 2K3. There are maybe 2 or 3 2K3 specific videos in the lot. Are there any major changes to DNS/DHCP/WINS/RAS etc. from 2K to 2K3? I'd like to ease into the material with the videos because they're easy to follow and see everything on screen with the instructor. Then, follow up with the book to "pound it in".

Is this a good idea or will I be short-changing myself buy filling my brain with irrelevant 2K info? Those videos cost a fortune, I'd hate to waste them!
Mikey B.

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    Sorry for the late reply.

    I think they are still useful, although I'd be sure to practice the material on a Windows 2003 server so you will notice any differences in available options/settings. There are some rather major differences that are important for the exam. Stub zones for example.

    Microsoft offers a powerpoint demo covering the changes to DNS in Windows Server 2003 that should at point out which gaps you need to fill:
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    Oh, thanks so much for that link! I'm going to start easing myself into the material with the videos, then the MS Press book, and then follow up with the DNS whitepaper, that link should help out nicely!
    Mikey B.

    Current: A+, N+, CST, CNST, MCSA 2003
    WIP: MCSE 2003
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    Just remember, most large organizations still use win2k server, and ost have chosen not to upgrade, learn both and the differences if you want to work with both...good luck in your journey to your certs!
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