In need of help in writing cissp exam

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Good day to you all, i am from Cameroon in Africa and really need help in writing the CISSP exam, i just started studying for the exam and i have only soft copy of old texts and i know so much has been revised in the CBKs. i read through buddyjones post and i would really appreciate it if i could have his summaries. online credit card payments is not yet availaible in my country so it is totally impossible to buy a book such as the study guide by Eric Conrad. I am from a part of the world where I.T security is at its most minimal level and i believe that with this certification i can really impact a lot of difference in my country.
I graduated from the university witha major in PHysics and minor in Computer science in 2011, There was practically no university offering I.T talkless of I.T security by the time i enrolled universityy in 2008, i have always had much zeal in the field and i was lucky to get a job as I.T officer for a Financial institute which brought me into the light of I.T security. I Have just two years of experience in the field now, but i would like to go in for the Associate of ISC2-CISSP because it would give me a lot of standing in my society and i would be able to create some awareness by organising seminars and bringing much awareness to my fast evolving society on the risks of less secured I.T systems.
I would really be glad if i could get some help in terms of study materials and advice.


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