What is the difference between mock test engines and real exam

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I have been doing well with mock test engines like syngress, Mcgrawhill, cccure and others with score of around 80%. Please help me understand what is the real difference between mock exam and real one. I have been reading that lot of people have failed in the exam despite good score in mock tests.


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    Realize that "mock exams" are designed to help you learn the exam material (like flashcards do), but are not accurate representations of the actual exam questions. The actual exam questions are worded at a much higher level of difficulty, requiring the exam candidates to demonstrate they can apply the proper thinking and analysis to answer the questions correctly. The real exam questions are much more difficult to author, and most exam study preparation material providers won't go to that trouble and expense.

    The closest thing you will find to actual (ISC)2 exam practice questions is in the (ISC)2 studISCope product. Many of the questions are written by industry subject matter experts and are given the same quality control at the actual (ISC)2 exam questions.
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    Having just passed the CISSP exam this morning, I agree with everything JD says (except studISCope, didn't use that). Fully understand the concepts and how to apply them before you take the exam.
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    Thanks all. I will focus on AIO test engine, cccure and Mcgawhill test exams.
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