*Best Deals* Use Certifications toward Other Certifications

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Theres info scattered ALL around the net about this.

Simple and sweet. Theres *3* classess of applying certifications toward other programs.

Class 1. Use your existing certification for the *new* certification elective
ex. A+ PLUS Server+ = MCSA Elective

Class 2. Use your existing certification to fullfill *new* certification prequites
ex. HP Certified Systems Engineer

Class 3. Use your existing certification, apply and upon Verification from your original certifiying vendor, attain *new* certification.
ex. CIW Assosiate Program[no long in existance]

We all know, or should know about the biggest. Appying CompTIA toward MCSE/MCSA tracks.

Who knows about any other ways to maximize our certifications?

Since so much overlaps at times, and our exams are not cheap, its nice to use them to the fullest.

Anyone know of tricks or tips?

Anyone know of HP,Citrix,IBM,Oracle,Dell, ETC programs that are good deals?

Now I also know about the regular prerequisit programs [Class 2. HP needs to verifiy you have A+ for thier program]...which thats not a huge deal anyway, im MORE interested in finding out about Class 1 & 3 programs thats really give you 2 certifications for one, or simply more value!

Please take 5 mins and let me know!

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