Is the MCSE a good starting place?

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My Name is Dave. I currently attend a comprehensive highschool / vo-tech, majoring in Information Technology. I have begun studying for the MCSE tests using the CBT Nuggets trainers videos. Im at the top of my class, and consider myself an "intermediate" computer user.

I wanted input from a certified person. Would the MCSE be a good starting point, or should i set my goal a bit lower?


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    If you don't have much experience then I think that's probably a little high to start with - and MCSE should be able to design and implement networks, and employers will probably want some one with more experience before they let you do that!

    Perhaps the MCSA (admin) would be more suitable as it's along the same path anyway - you just need to get the other three design certificates on top of your MCSA to become MCSE and can do these when you feel ready.

    I've been working in IT for six years now and have recently started certification (only got the 270 so far!) but am aiming for MCSA initially.
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    I think woodworm is right.

    Although you might be able to achieve MCSE certification it doesn't have too much value if you cannot combine it with a few years of experience.

    I think a good starting point would be MCSA. This will show people that you have made the first steps and that you have potential. While gaining real-world experience you can then prepare for MCSE and ask for a pay raise once you get it icon_wink.gif
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    I decided to start with the MCDST. Im gonna study with the Microsoft couse and probably the self paced training. Im aiming for this by January, maybe sooner. Does anyone think this is a realistic time scale?
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    That should be plenty of time. I studied for one day for MCDST. If you know XP well, you have a good start.
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    The MCSE doesnt really get you anything. Its all about experience (with certification)

    The Minolta copier sales guy that came into one of our clients had his MCSE.. Coudlnt get a job with it so now he sells copiers.

    Its a great way to learn about networks. But the odds of you getting an admin job at your age is low? But it never hurts to try. It sure beats setting your goals at a summer job at Best Buy.
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    I often stress this. If you have the time, money, and resources, go for it. I know of one fortune 500 company that just hired 20 MCSE's and 4 CCNA's. Know why they hired em? Because they needed to have a certain number of them on staff to qualify for a huge contract and get Platinum status with Cisco. Those people that were hired (2 of them were people who came through on of my classes) had minimal experience. Now because they had the certifications, they are in jobs where they will gain valuable experience as time passes.
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    keatron has put it in a very concise and inspiring manner. I'm studying 70-270 although initially i had intended to stick with Cisco certs. During my job hunt, i realised that due to Microsoft's popularity, one requires atleast an MCP to get into an entry-level position. The earlier you start getting your certs the sooner you start getting experience.

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