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Hey guys. Working on a client computer W7. The client needs their computer an Optiplex 320 to display on two monitors. The computer has a graphics card with a dell dvi connection. Its assumed it is the X1300 that is included with that model. In any case, we eventually got the computer to display using both monitors in extended mode. However, when we went into the display setting and changed it to duplicate mode, the dvi monitor would go down. Any ideas on how to fix this? Other techs suggest driver issue. I'm going to check the ATI and Dell sites for updated drivers, but I wanted a second opinion.


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    Can both monitors do the resolution and refresh rate it's being sent?

    Other than that, probably drivers.
  • SephStormSephStorm Member Posts: 1,732
    I assume so as they can display when extended. I assume the resolution should be same on both?
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    In extended you can have different resolutions and refresh rates. For clone/duplicate you need to have the same.
    Usually you use two of the same model monitor (sometimes even these vary) to avoid potential differences - and to keep it looking nice on the customer desk.

    Is one display a common desktop monitor and the other a TV?

    Check the available settings for both monitors (common compatible values) then try going from 800x600 up through the ranges until it won't work.

    If it doesn't work at 800x600 there's something funny going on.
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    Might be a driver issue like you said. Get Catalyst Control Center and detect the displays. It also could be the refresh rate like someone else mentioned. It the Catalyst Center set the refresh rate and see what works.
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    I have a suspicion that it is a driver issue, you could try the drivers for the previous model if the current one yields no success.
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  • SephStormSephStorm Member Posts: 1,732
    Another tech worked on it and said that they were able to resolve it by messing with the resolution, I suspect they hit the same resolution on both monitors, as you guys said.
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