70-341: Is this doable

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I have a question for the board.

Currently I am desktop support but I am doing a lot of jr. admin stuff. I set up user accounts, email accounts and distribution lists, print servers, file sharing on the server, setup DHCP servers for new and satalite offices, etc. etc.

My boss told me he needs somebody who can use Exchange 2013 and if I can learn it I may get a promotion. (That may is troubling, but even if I don't I will have a better time getting another job.)

So I am going to be taking my 70-410 next month. I have gone through the Trainsignal video (which did not go deep enough) and I am currently reading a lot of technet and honing up on Hyper-v.

Instead of going for my full MSCA Server 2012 now, I am thinking after the 70-410 I will be doing 70-341. I know I won't have a certification in anything at that point, but if I do well I can show the boss the test score. Then do the 70-411 and 70-412 and then come around and take the 70-342.

Does this sound plausible or am I setting myself up for a lot of headache and disappointment?


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    You are setting yourself up for a lot of heartache and disappointment. You should learn Exchange - the world needs more good Exchange admins - but you need to learn Windows server first. Exchange is a high-level application that relies on all the server technologies like AD, DNS, Clustering, Networking, Storage. If you don't have a solid background in those areas, Exchange will be a big hump to get over. It can also be difficult to lab because a lot of it is making it work with the outside world, and that can be a challenge in a home lab.

    If your boss wants someone to learn Exchange, why not ask him to send you to an Exchange class?
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    Claymoore wrote: »
    If your boss wants someone to learn Exchange, why not ask him to send you to an Exchange class?

    This company doesn't believe in paying for IT training for desktop support. I have to pay for all training out of pocket.

    Ah well. Someday I will find a short cut for something.

    I already have my MCSA Windows 7 administration so if I really wanted to I could just take the 70-417 and be done with it. But I just feel by doing the study materials for all three tests I will be more propared as a server admin.

    Ok, I am doing well on practice tests for 70-410, going to take that by Sept 15. Hopefully do 70-411 and 70-412 by the end of the year and then see what happens.
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    Claymore is right about all the Exchange server requisites. If you still wanted to dip your toes into Exchange -- maybe taking the Exchange 2010 certification exam instead of the 2013 counterpart -- consider getting a good book (Exchange 2010 Inside-Out) as well as getting a (approx. $100) Microsoft IT Academy internet-based course to follow the step-by-step labs on it.
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    Thanks ITMonkey. In a few months will check those out.

    But for now I am going to take Claymore's advice. I am just going to concentrate on my server exams. And if my current job doesn't promote me to something else, hopefully the MCSA can help me find something better...then see about the Exchange.
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