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It seems like the Exam Cram book for the 220 tests basically outlines exactly what you need to know on the tests in their ExamAlert notes, and just gives other background information going in depth. After watching all the PM videos for 801 and taking notes, if I only study the notes compared to what the ExamCram says you should know, am I safe taking the exam, or is everything not necessarily outlined in the ExamCram sections that is on the test? I feel I have a pretty good grasp, but do not know how exact and specific I need to get with each section of the objectives.


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    I have the cram exam for 700 series and yes the black boxs help but when I sat down last week for the exam you cant rely on that. Its was such a wide scope of things that you reallly just got to know your stuff. That was my personal experience.

    Cram exam is great but it boils down to knowing what to honestly do with troubleshooting and know the essentials
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    Make sure you download a copy of the current objectives for both exams and use those to measure the knowledge you have. The Cram books are just that, for a quick review. If you need more in depth study you will want to research each topic individually, or use the Meyers AIO and/0r the Sybex texts.
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