Regarding CEH Penetration Testing toolkit LPT Vampireware

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Is there any penetration testing toolkit other than LPT Vampireware that included in C|EH? Because this application only runs in 32 bit machine. I have tried 64 bit machine, but it does not run when i try to login. Currently need a toolkit to run penetration testing conveniently so i don't have to search for the tools manually.


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    Try Backtrack 5 R3 or Kali Linux in VMware workstation (or VirtualBox), setup a few vm's, and play around with the tools. That's how I learned to use a lot of them. It's not a one-stop shop, but it has a ton of tools to get you started.
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    ya i knew backtrack is a 1st choice pen-test tool, but is tere any tool that can use for window version?
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