Passed my exam! 845/900

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Obviously, I thought I was going to fail. My tutor was so thrilled, because many other students didn't bother to complete it. (There's a huge IT brain drain in my country).

I feel that I was helped heaps by studying N10-004 regularly. Even though 005 is the norm (and way easier), sometimes it helps to study 004 to wrap your head around a wider area of topics. 004 brings up things I can't even recall reading on Mike Myer's book. 004 is a headache, so don't spend too much time on it if you're studying for Network+, but it can be handy just to exercise your mind.icon_study.gif

I'm taking a huge break before I get back to study, but thanks very much, because this forum has been helpful in finding the answer to some tricky questions icon_thumright.gif
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