How can I get clients to connect to my Cisco Easy VPN Server?

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I loaded up CCP and setup my 2821 router as an Easy VPN Server. I'd like to be able to VPN into my home network from my android phone and Windows 8 laptop. I've been trying Cisco AnyConnect but I'm not sure how to get this working. I put in the server address (My ISP's dhcp I assume) but not sure what authentication to use... I have some options here but none that match the VPN server that I setup. Anyway, anyone have any suggestions for me?


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    Im not 100% sure on this but doesn't your home IP need to be static for this to work?
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    I've been going through the documentation and just read about the static IP... I guess that won't work. Anyone have ideas for a VPN solution?
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    I would think that you would use Dynamic DNS at the server to update its DNS information since its IP would be changing.

    Then, you would utilize the FQDN to connect to the server, from your client.

    This is all theoretical.

    I'm at work, and probably won't get around to labbing it up anytime soon. Sorry. :) Hopefully, this idea gets you going in the right direction, though.
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    Use Logmein. Its free and has a phone app. When I use the VPN wizard I assign the VPN tunnel to a loopback address "" and allow it to connect to your private network and allow 2 vpn hosts. You can use the older vpn client and enter the credentials to your home router. Public IP address, Groupname and password. "Cisco VPN client downloads
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