Information Systems Analyst (Help Desk) Interview- Feedback

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Hi All, Can you please help me in preparing for an I.T. Anayst interview. It is for a Help Desk position. The duty statement reads, "Monitor and resolve problems with information systems software, processes and hardware. Install and maintain PC applications, hardware and operating system software and resolve complex related problems as they arise." I've been studying from old books, googling Help Desk and trouble-shooting. Is there any feedback or advice you may be able to lend me. Also, those who currently work in Help Desk can you please give me some pointers. Greatly appreciated! As I've been trying to land an I.T. job for almost 2 years now. icon_sad.gif


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    Best advice I can give is to be honest, always and about everything. If you don't know answer just so and tell them how you would go about finding out the correct answer.
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    be honest, talk about any IT related work you have done. Employers love to hear about your past experience even if its not in a formal IT position.
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    Show them your eagerness and willingness to learn and try new things. If you are passionate in what you do and display that to them, definitely brownie points.
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