Weird BSOD Issue

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I work for a school district.

Teacher A has a Windows 7 HP laptop on a domain; he's had it for around a year.

He submitted a ticket with me recently: when he saved to his personal storage drive on AD, he got a BSOD. I stopped by to take a look and saw it twice. Thinking it might be a malware issue, I issued him a temp laptop to use until we fixed this one. (Same hardware as his, freshly re-imaged).

Yesterday, he updated the ticket. Now, he gets a BSOD when he signed into Chrome. I was able to see it in action myself, both trying to sign into Chrome and just having it sit there.

Thinking that maybe this is a bad laptop, I issued him a 3rd one. Today; same issue.

The BSOD is a "A driver has overrun a stack-based buffer" "might be malicious" window. I tried setting the minidumps, but they aren't be written for some reason.

This is the only user that's reporting this issue, and other staff members have use fresh laptops with no problems. This has me stumped. Any ideas?



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