Passed CISSP Today!!! Bangkok, Thailand (Aug 28th)

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First of all let me say............ PHEW.......... the huge relief of stress off of my shoulders feels great!!!

I have been telling everyone about this CISSP exam for the last 4 months and have been getting constant inquiries about my status with it..... very stressful...... I felt like failing would be letting down my entire circle of family and friends that had been telling me I could do it and to keep my head up high.... lol I constantly was fighting with my girlfriend telling her that if I failed it was her fault for constantly interrupting me while I studied hahaha...... phew.... after I finish writing this it's time to go have a celebration beer!!

So the exam wasn't as bad as I expected -- I am not sure what questions were the prototype (test) questions but there were some questions that were absolute stumpers for me-- I didn't think I was gonna pass I felt like I hadn't studied enough and I did.... I have no idea if I just barely passed or what.... but all the practice exams I've been doing I've been failing and I thought for sure I'd fail the actual test..... it seems like the practice tests are more tricky than the actual test

I would recommend doing all practice questions in all of the books Official book - AIO book - Conrad book (read this at least once it is so short.....) I think to me that the practice questions help me the most.... just reading blindly without knowing the questions u r reading for is difficult.... when u know what answers u r looking for it helps a lot....

also I tried to keep in mind thinking like a manager

lol sorry to type this up quickly -- I am excited and really want to go have that beer!! peace for now!! icon_cheers.gif


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