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What is a good headline to use. I am currently unemployed and trying to get into the Networking Field. I put my past Employer and it selected Telecommunication Professional. I really am trying to get into the Networking field.. thanks??
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    Maybe network technician, network specialist, etc?


    you didn't specify your experience... in that case , you might look at something like 'seeking networking opportunities, seeking network positions, etc.

    Sorry I can't be of more use...
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    The last 10 years of my life was spent in Customer service and Technical Support at a Major Wireless Provider.. I'm still putting my profile together. Actually figured out how to turn it off.
    The Only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it keep looking. Don't settle - Steve Jobs
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    You spent 10 years at a major wireless provider and are trying to break into networking?

    Technically, you're already in networking.

    I would concentrate on the things that you have done already, and really push your customer service skills (some techy types are not known for having good customer service skills).

    You have your CCNA already

    Sell hard on what you do have.

    Make sure that it is clear that you are looking. If you are not tied to a certain geography, that helps, too.

    If you go on LinkedIn, make sure to hit me up. Also, look for anyone that has [LION] in their profile. It means they'll connect to anyone, and they usually have quite large networks.

    If you're posting your resume to job sites, make sure it gets reviewed here. Also, make sure that you refresh it once a week (this way, it pulls up in any "new" searches that are done).

    Another thing: If you use LinkedIn, join networking-focused groups, and post where you can, as it will give your profile more visibility. If you have a blog, try to make posts on there, also, to provide you that many more links of exposure.

    Hope this helps.
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