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After finishing the 70-680 and some CIW certs its finally time for me to take on the CCNA. Its part of my WGU course this semester and I am hoping I can knock it out in two months. Now I am a complete noob when it comes to this so bear with me.

I want to set up a lab where I can practice the concepts and reinforce them. Kinda like a break/fix environment. I need to know what kind of gear do I need to set up a practice lab? I searched but didnt really find much except pictures of different labs.
So here are my noob questionsicon_redface.gif
1. What equipment do I need. Is it just a router or do I also need a switch with it? Any recommendations?
2. Do i need a rack for the setup?
3. Any particular software?

Any any assistance is appreciated. Looking to get geared up in a couple weeks.

Thanks in Advanceicon_cheers.gif


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    Ideally, you'll have at least 2 switches, I'd recommend 3. A 2950 or 3550 would be great- 3550 is a bit more fitting if you plan on going for your CCNP after the CCNA is over.

    For routers, focus on memory. I'd stay away from 2500 series, although they can work. I'd shoot for maybe two 2610XM/2611XM's, and one 2610 router. For IOS software, I'd shoot for 12.4 on your routers..only caveat here is you need to make sure you have plenty of memory to support those images.

    As far as a rack, it would probably be a lot neater, but not technically a requirement. There's many different small racks you can purchase which would be great..something like a 12U.

    Keep an eye on ebay, you can find some great deals there for this gear.
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    I concur with Mrock4. Minimum 2 switches and 2 routers. A rack would be nice, but definitely not necessary.
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    Thanks for the input guys really appreciate it. Because of this forum I was able to change careers and in a year and make steady advancements in my new field. From Geek Squad to Help Desk and now on my way to Network Tech.
    One question left....Is the OS separate? As in does it need to be installed on the PC from a CD or is it apart of the device like a firmware that can be updated to 12.4?
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    The IOS is on the router.
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