Passed ICND1 100-101

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Passed todayicon_cheers.gif

I scored 973 and i'm actually quite happy with that!

Time was really an issue and i was afraid i wouldn't be able to finish in time, that timer in the corner really makes you sweat. I could almost hear it tick :D

Just came to share my joy and say thanks for aswering my questions i'm sure i will be back with more noobish questions, just waiting on oddom book to arrive.

On to ICND 2icon_study.gif


  • chanakyajupudichanakyajupudi Posts: 712Member
    Congratulations !
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    Unidade01 wrote: »
    Passed todayicon_cheers.gif

    I scored 973 and i'm actually quite happy with that!
    I should HOPE SO!!! icon_lol.gif

    Congrats man! good luck on #2 and kill that one as well icon_wink.gif
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    Congratulations on the pass!
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    Thanks guys

    Looking at the objectives in icnd 2 and it seem alot harder! N+ had given me so preparation for first exam but this time things look much more complex.
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    So i got a email from cisco saying they will send a certificate by mail, great! But can´t i download a digital one while i wait?

    Comptia allows you to do this by downloading a pdf certificate!

    My problem is that i can´t find my 16-digit validation code, does this mean i have to wait until the certificate arrives?
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    would there be alot more material in the 100-101 compared to the old one?
    have the old one on the 19th of Sep but if i dont pass (and hopefully i do), how much extra time would one need to cover the newer material?
  • Unidade01Unidade01 Posts: 22Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    didn't study for the old one, but form what i've read the new one is much more complex!

    I think the new topics are VLSM, NAT, IPv6 and OSPF replacing RIP

    no sure ACL were on the old one or not
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