CISSP exam 02/09

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Hi all,

I have my CISSP exam scheduled for 02/09 which is this coming Monday.
I have used the official AIO ISC2 book, Shon Harris AIO and CISSP for Dummies latest edition.
In addition to this, I've done an InfoSec dvd bootcamp on all 10 domains.

In addition, I've been doing a number of practice exams - Boson aswell as
I've been getting above 90% in exams when doing 250 at a time (to similate real exam scenario). Also I'm getting above 80% in the practice exams in Shon Harris AIO book and her CISSP practice exam book.

I just still think I'm missing something I dont know what! I guess there's just so much information there.
Does anyone have any tips on passing the exam that I could use?! I'm beginning to get nervious... :S



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    You're looking pretty good to go, I think the feeling of nervousness is natural. I think you need to worry less, you look to be on the right track to me. If I can advise anything at this point, I will suggest that maybe create some flash cards for any of the domain(s) you think may be your weak area(s) and go over those.

    Wish you all the best and looking forward to your good news!
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    Hi Laura,

    Understand the concepts and how to apply them. I found that much more important than remembering the minutiae. I think you'll be fine, your cccure scores are much better than mine were just before I passed it on Saturday. Good luck!
  • larahy2klarahy2k Member Posts: 21 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for your tips guys. I just want to make sure I pass it :) I'll just keep going and studying until Sunday and focus on main concepts.
    Just one question..does stream ciphers work better in network configurations in symmetric ciphers?(DES EFB, OFB mode).
    Thanks again for your help. It's good to chat with people who've been there :)
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    As far as I can read, you are good to go. But maybe get to a library and see if you can peek in the 11th hour Eric Conrad book.

    Furthermore be calm (and chive on?), read the questions and do not, I repeat, do not second guess yourself. I finished the exam today in 2 hours and reviewed the marked questions 30+ in half an hour.

    Why so short? Because if you understand the concepts and know where these apply, you will read the question and already know the answer before reading the four given choices.
    You then only need to find out if that answer can be found between the four multiple choice options and if it is not obvious, how ISC2 formulated the answer which you already have in your head. ISC2 has a way to come up with magic words which you won't find in any study book.
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