ICND2 in the bag

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So I might as well drop a line and say I passed the ICND2(640-816) test yesterday. It definitely feels good to have it done before the deadline!

I was down to about 8 minutes with 4 questions left and was getting worried that I might have another sim remaining, but luckily I didn't. I thought the test was very fair, and not as difficult as it could have been. When you get bogged down in the Odom guide it can be a little discouraging to think you might have to know every detail. I didn't think that I was going all that slow, but still finished with only a few minutes on the clock, so time was certainly a concern.

I have no previous Cisco experience, and I really don't have a requirement for it in the immediate future. I mainly just did it for personnal growth. I'm really glad that I did! Having CCNA-level knowledge will do nothing but help me in my future in IT.

I studied for about two months using:

*Odoms' ICND2 Official Cert Guide
*Skillsoft course
*INE videos
*Boson's netsim (I used the Odom/Pearson simulator for CCENT and liked it better)

I'm taking a break for a little bit, then focusing on CISSP next. Thanks for all the support TE! It's encouring to know there are people all over going through the same thing when it comes to giving up free-time for studying.


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