MTA 98-349 and 98-366

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to "techexams" so go easy on me.

Just some background on myself... I've been working as a Computer Technician for 5 years at a local family run computer store. I feel fully capable of doing my current job but want to progress further, I feel getting qualified is a way of achieving this.

Sorry if it has been discussed before but I was wondering what the best materials there are out there for the MTA and eventually the MCSA exams. I already have the Sybex books for both 349 and 366 exams as well as making my way through the CBT Nuggets Networking stuff.

I plan to sit both exams at the end of September and would love to nail them first time because London is quite far for me to travel. It would also be great to hear from those that have already sat the exams!!

Thanks in advance!!


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