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Hi everyone,

I just passed the ITIL foundation exam yesterday and I am interested in going for ITIL intermediate. I heard it isn't possible to self study because you need to attend official training. I live in Costa Rica and I haven't heard of any ITIL intermediate training center here. Is it possible to receive training online?

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    Hi Carlos, congratulations on passing your Foundation exam! You are correct that you need to sit an accredited course to take an intermediate exam, but this can be online and there are lots of good companies out there. You can also take your exams online, proctored via a web cam, so there is no need to visit a test centre either. All of the online training organisations have different price structures and approaches to delivering the material, so shop around and see which one will work best for you. Claire
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    I took my prep course for the exam with Pink Elephant. It last 1 month (or less depending your needs) and the material was helpful so as my instructor, who has a deep knowledge of ITIL. Like Clairse said, this education center has online courses so you might want to check them out.

    Just my recommendation.
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    On a similar note, I'm hoping to wrap my Foundations exam soon and once I do I'm considering going for Intermediate Lifecycle certification. It would be nice if I could find some (relatively) inexpensive online courses for the next level.
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    Try the ITIL Training Zone courses (Claire is too modest to advertise her own courses!) they have an excellent reputation, good tutor support and are reasonably priced.
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