Ccp & asdm

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I have been studying this material for a while now; I'm finished with the books and I'm getting ready to move on to the lab portion of my studies.
I'm curious which functions of CCP & ASDM would be the best to focus on. I have used both, and I'm pretty sure a lot of their functions are beyond the scope of the CCNA-S track, and I would like to focus in on some specific functions.
Can anyone offer up any suggestion as to what I should be prepared to do via CCP & ASDM without breaking the NDA?


EDIT: I did read the exam topics provided by Cisco, and they state: Implement SSL VPN using ASDM, Imlement ZBF using CCP, & Configure IOS IPS using CCP. I will obviously have these down cold, but if anyone can suggest other aspects to be proficient in, that would be very helpful. Thanks again!


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    Study the CCP and feel comfortable navigating through the WebUI. If I were studying for the NA:Security I would definitely create a lab scenario where I can create a check list and identify the policies that are being used/security rules etc... via GUI
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    NA Security = CCP

    NP Security = ASDM
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