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We have server 2003 with both 200 and XP clients on the network, we have all our XP clients on DHCP but however we cant have the 2000 clients, when a user logs in it freezes. So we have to have static IP's for them to work. Is this a known problem, is there any particular settings to have a mixed environment using DHCP.

If anyone has any suggestions please help

Lee H


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    That is the first i have heard of a problem like that, have you googled it? What service packs are on the 2K machines? Does it happen to all users? what about if an admin loggs in?
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    Yes this very strange. I recommend you to install all the pathches available for win 2k. DHCP is a standard protocol even a linux PC can use the DHCP services from a win server. |Also verify your DHCP configuration
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    The only thing you can really do, besides Google it as suggested, would be to make sure that all your W2K patches are installed. Only other thing I could recommend is, do a clean in stall of W2K and test it with your DHCP server.

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    Not sure if I understand your problem fully. So when DHCP is running and a client tries to log on, the PC freezes?? In a mixed environment, the latest operating system will become the master browser in services...maybe one of the xp machines is trying to overide??? strange indeed...which machines freeze up???if its the win2k, I would shut down all clients and set the browsing to manual instead of the default start and see if that works..although with DHCP, shouldnt be a problem, I to have never heard of such...

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    Sounds like the wk2 machines are not getting the correct ip address. On Win2k run ipconfig /all to see the ip addresses are correct. You might also want to check out the Scope Options to see if you have it configured correctly.

    Hope this help.
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    Something I thought of you might try, sounds like something in DHCP with either XP or w2k.: Try This:

    By default, the Domain Controllers (DCs) group has full control of all DNS zones and records. Because the DHCP Server service runs under the domain controller's computer account, it has full control of all DNS zones and records. Because of this, the DHCP Server service has the authority to update or delete any DNS record that is registered in a secure Active Directory-integrated zone (this includes records that were securely registered by other Windows 2000-based computers, including domain controllers).

    To minimize the potential of name hijacking, Microsoft does not recommend that you install the DHCP Server service configured to perform DDNS update on a DC. Instead, install the DHCP Server service on a separate server, and not a domain controller.

    To set the user account that the DHCP Server service uses for DNS registrations, use the following command:
    netsh dhcp server set dnscredentials user name domain name password

    If this dont work, you have to re configure DHCP all together is my only guess.
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