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    I am currently scheduled to take the GSLC exam on 2/11. I have also started building an index, started with the fairway markers, but found that inadequate. Got an index from another class mate, but I am expanding that a bit to season it to my taste. I currently finished the 1st book, hope to have the indexes done before my test. :D

    Great! You'll find that going through the books as you create your index that you learn the material inside and out and pick up things that were glossed over in the class.

    For those who are new to SANS. The exams are based on the courseware (books). The books change each year. So there is a possibility if you somehow get a hold of someone else's books that you may not adequately be prepared for the exam.

    The instructors stay close to the courseware and offer their own experience to clarify concepts that are in the books. ie. if the books mention a hacking incident at Home Depot and the instructor emphasizes the Target store breach, count on the exam to have a question regarding Home Depot.

    It's these current events items in the courseware which make it a little harder to get 100 percent on the exam if you are using outdated course materials, or 3rd party prep books (which I am highly skeptical of).

    Use the practice tests that come with the course. They help you prepare for the kinds of questions in the exam, build confidence, and help target things you should focus your study on.
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