Tricky vShield Manager Situation

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We have an environment which we need to clear up.

We have one vCenter Server which is used to manage three sites.

Each site has a vCloud infrastructure. Now the problem we have now is that the infrastructure is not really supported.

Each vCenter should only have one vShield Manager - we got three.


- Site 1
-- vCloud Director
-- vShield Manager
- Site 2
-- vCloud Director
-- vShield Manager
- Site 3
-- vCloud Director
-- vShield Manager

As I say - this is a non-supported scenario and we need to consolidate our vShield Manager as only one vShield Manager per vCenter is supported.

I have been in contact with VMware and it seems there is no easy way to re-point the deployed Edges to a new vShield Manager without re-creating the Org Networks.

Given the infrastructure is massive, this is not really an (easy) option.

Now I wonder, ignoring this environment. How would you recover from a failed vShield Manager - my thought is -whilst you can't move Edges easy to other Manager, what happens if a vShield Manager dies - surely you must be able to recover from this scenario without having to re-create all the networks in order to re-point the Edges to the newly deployed vShield Manager ?

I hope that makes sense and someone here has some experience with it :)
My own knowledge base made public: :p
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