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I am in the midst of job hunting. I have a few bites already and in the process of interviews. One company I would really want to work for has asked that I submit my resume along with my salary history. I don't mind giving that information, I just don't know how to include it in my resume.


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    I find being expected to submit a salary history to be a bit of a red flag, honestly*, but this is how I've done it in the past. You can either include it as 1.) A separate document 2.) An extra page on your resume or 3.) In an e-mail with your resume attached. I'd recommend something simple like the following, though you could consider leaving the starting pay off. Include benefits.

    XYZ Company
    Starting Pay: $12.50/hr. part time
    Ending Pay: $13.25/hr. full time with benefits (health/dental), PTO

    ABC Corp
    Starting Pay: $31,000/yr. with benefits (401(k), health/dental/vision)
    Ending Pay: $35,000/yr. with benefits and stock options

    * I've found the salary offers tend to feel lower/less competitive from companies that require a salary history, and have never taken an offer from a company that required it. YMMV.
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