MMC console to manage remote PC

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Already hit a stumbling block!

I have vitrual PC, one Server 2003, the other XP. Im trying to do remote management using the MMC console with the computer management snap in.

i log on the remote computer with admin and user account with admin rights, but when on the server i choose "connect to another computer" the network path is not found?? i can find the computer via the NetBIOS name too. When I can ping the server and the server ping the client...what gives?!?!


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    Did you say you can ping the server + client?
    can you ping the ip and computer name? prob a dns issue, try creating a host a record on the server maybe.
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    Just checked, now the client can ping the server, but the server cannot ping the client, using the IP address or the netbios name...
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    First you don't need netbios name when you are using win 2003 and win xp clients. You should configure the dns services in your server and do not use wins. Also is very strange that you can ping one way and the other way not.

    try nslookup, nbtstat on both the server and client.

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    gabilan wrote:
    Also is very strange that you can ping one way and the other way not.
    Very strange indeed. When you can ping one way, you can ping the other way too, because the icmp echo reply is able to find his way back, unless, something else (than ip/routing issues) is preventing the XP client to reply to icmp echo requests... Is there a firewall configured on the client that does not allow it to be pinged?
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    Are you using XP SP 2? if so check the windows Firewall settings on the the client PC. They may be set to high, and you may want to allow for exceptions.
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    I checked on the client and its a basic install of XP service pack 2, I checked the firewall settings but i cant change it when its logged on to the domain, plus it defaults to on all the time.

    Could this be a bug with Virtual PC?? or should i be using virtual server for 2003 and virtual PC for my XP client?

    P.S This is the first time ive set up a server so im abit stuck setting up the DNS and DHCP, i followed the guide in the MS 290 book but it missed abit when i was setting up DNS forwarding i think it was? could this be an issue?
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    Thanks dude!! thats great, ill give it a shot tonight when i get home. it seems odd to me that a server cannot ping a client in its own domain.
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    woooooooooooo it works!!! Thanks mate, now i can continue with my studies :D
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