CBT Nuggets CCNP Route Nuggets Lab Question

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Has anyone done the CBT Nuggets Monthly subscription, and if you have, would you recommend it?

My buddy gave me a copy of CCNP videos but because I don't have Nuggets Lab stuff, I'm not sure how to go about the lab configurations Jeremy does in the video.

1) Do you know where I can find a copy of the Nuggets Lab guidebook to do the labs,


2) If you don't know where I could find a copy, would you recommend paying the full monthly subscription to access that content


3) Would you recommend other CCNP Route Training?



  • TBickleTBickle Member Posts: 110
    come on???? 108 views and not one single reply. You're telling me no one has any insights on this?
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    Sorry I just popped in looking for study ideas. I don't have any info for you.

    Good luck. I am just starting my Cisco cert career!

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    I was not aware that there is a companion guide book to go along with the videos. I have an enterprise level license to basically all content on CBTs site. This includes the video content, downloadable items are copies of the slides he produces in the videos. More or less I think the extra content includes are simply some notes about the videos and not a step by step guide for implementing the labs. It does look like he does have the configs posted too which may be helpful with a membership level access. Also having a membership gives you access to practice tests from Kaplan.
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