Just Passed the G2700 two hours ago...

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I'm enrolled in WGU's MSISA program, like many here, and had to pass the G2700.. I have to say it was quite a relief to see the words "PASSED" on the screen!

Normally, I'm pretty nervous before tests.. to top that, the Vue center was having issues. She said, I might have to come back next Friday.. For some reason, they put a new server in, but I don't think they checked whether or not the proctor's logon could be authenticated.. Luckily, they got it all fixed and I could take my test.

At my first checkpoint, I had 80 percent, it went down to 77, then I think possibly 73, but back up to finally 76% Seventy-six percent isn't a huge margin, but like we all say "A pass is a pass!"

I have to say... some of you all posted your experiences with the test and preparations.. two words for you all... THANK YOU! Reading what you all experienced, gave me assistance and better prepared me for the test. For anyone having to prepare for the test, please pay close attention to the other threads! I'm just really relieved.

Studying for the CISSP helped me out a whole lot, as well. Oddly, I never knew I was retaining so much information, but I was.

Again, THANK YOU ALL for posting your experiences and giving advice, it was very helpful!

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    Gratz on the pass! I'm working to achieve the same result come January. icon_thumright.gif
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