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Has anyone taken this exam yet (not the View exam). I see that this covers not only View, but also a good amount of vSphere. I am actually not as comfortable with vSphere as I am with View Admin. I was wondering how far it actually dives into vSphere or if it just brushes over the vSphere part and focuses more on View. I see that this tests is 135 questions compared to 88 that the View exam has, so I'm guessing the extra questions are focused more towards vSphere. I have scheduled to sit for the test on the 20th of this month as well.


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    I wasn't sure you could qualify for the Desktop exam until after you had your VCP.
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    I think they had recently changed it to where you could take the Desktop exam if you either A.) pass the VCP exam or B.) Take the training course for View. Looking at the website, two tests are presented for the same certification depending if you went the route of option A or B. I had taken the training class through work so i had to sign up for option B, which is the Desktop exam(135 questions). If you go with option A then you take the View exam which is 88 questions.

    In the blueprint for the Desktop exam that I am taking it shows vSphere topics. I just wanted to know how far or how much of vSphere is actually on the test compared to View.
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    You should expect any of the blueprint objectives to be tested on really, whether View or vSphere...
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