Network+ CE renewals

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Hi guys,

I just passed Network+ two days ago:D [Already have A+ too]

I know that the CE fee for Network+ is $ 49 or $150 for three years.

Let assume that I want to retake the exam three years from now, do I have to pay for the exam cost in order to retake it or just the fee?



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    You would repay whatever the exam fee is at the time which will be more expensive than the ce fee's... $261 I believe is the cost right now. Plus the $150 to keep it valid over the three years....not really a good idea. If you get Security+ or many other industry certifications you could renew and have another certification.
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    You meant I've to pay $150 over the three years plus the exam cost too?
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    It's not worthwhile to maintain, unless it's tied into something you can get from work, like Security+ could be, in some cases, if you're vying for DoD work.

    It does not make financial sense to be maintaining an "entry level" certification, unless, like I said, it profits you in some way. (your job's requiring it would be a way).

    For example, I work with DoD, so we were required to enroll CompTIA certs into the CE version. The last I checked, I was good through 2017 on CompTIA. I will very likely not be renewing them.


    I misunderstood you. You only have to take the exams one time. As long as you keep paying the fees and submitting your continuing education, you're good to go.

    So, it is less expensive to pay the fees than e-take the exam every three years.

    I hope this helps.


    You shouldn't be worrying about maintaing continuing education for these, though. You should be concerned about getting ahead into heavier things.

    What is nice is that you only have to pay the continuing education fees one time, and it takes care of all your lower certs.

    For example, paying to renew Security+ also would renew Network+ and A+. If you had a more advanced cert like the CASP (and it was useful somewhere) then maintaining that one would make sense for the duration of your career. (And, by maintaining it, you should maintain all your lower certs automatically.)

    Hope this helps.
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    I see.

    It would be easier for credential holders either pay the annual fee or retake the exam to be re-certify without going to the CEU mess.

    Thanks guys.
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    The continuing education credits are easy to get.

    It is less costly to pay the fee than it is to get the certifications.

    Of course, it makes more sense to just get higher certifications and not worry about it.

    There are some jobs out there that require the CompTIA certifications as prerequisites. These can help you get more experienced as you move up.

    Hope this helps.
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