Got my first CME lab going, few quick questions

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So I picked up two 7940s on eBay for $17 each and a 3550 inline power switch along with 2811 router to start learning Voice. I got the phones registered okay, but I must be missing something as I am not getting dial-tone on either phone.

From the router console I see the phones registered below. From the web interface using /telephony_service.html both phones show up and I can change the welcome message or assign names to the line buttons.

1. Any tips or links on steps to follow to make the phones play a dial-tone ?
2. Would like to be able to call from one phone to the other on the same switch before making it more complex..

*Sep 9 09:29:53.223: %IPPHONE-6-REG_ALARM: 14: Name=SEP0014F243EF4B Load=8.1(2.0) Last=CM-closed-TCP
*Sep 9 09:29:53.223: %IPPHONE-6-REGISTER_NEW: ephone-1:SEP0014F243EF4B IP: Socket:1 DeviceType:Phone has registered.
*Sep 9 09:29:56.255: %IPPHONE-6-REG_ALARM: 14: Name=SEP0014F243EC46 Load=8.1(2.0) Last=CM-closed-TCP
*Sep 9 09:29:56.259: %IPPHONE-6-REGISTER_NEW: ephone-2:SEP0014F243EC46 IP: Socket:2 DeviceType:Phone has registered.

VoiceSW>sh power inline

Interface Admin Oper Power Device

Fa0/1 auto on 6.3 Cisco IP Phone 7940
Fa0/2 auto on 6.3 Cisco IP Phone 7940
Fa0/3 auto off 0.0 n/a

I pretty much followed this quick guide to get my feet wet -

Doing some searching online I'll need to read about voice register and dial peer
2015 goals - ccna voice / vmware vcp.


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    Until we see your running config, hard to say why your phones don't have a dial tone. Your running config will show your ephones, telephony service TFTP etc.
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    I would install Cisco Configuration Professional and set up your dial plans and check your settings. I learned alot from reverse engineering all the commands that CCP sends to the router. Do you have a FXS card installed in your router? You might be missing the CME_Voice(config-telephony)# auto assign 1 to 4 command.
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    For setting up CME, a great place to start is the CCNA:Voice Study Guide (1st Ed) for the old IIUC course. It covers CME from beginning to end.

    For dial-tone, have you configured ephone's and ephone-dn's?
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