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So the test is over ... now the hard part begins ... waiting icon_bounce.gif

My prep was 3 months with the review guide and Q&A database. Much more time with the practice questions than with the review guide. I sat the exam in Chicago on Sat. Finished in about 1:45 but hard to tell if that was good or bad for my score. :). 27 other CISM candidates and around 100 CISA. You can definitely see that the practice questions are designed to get you used to the type of question but not the actual questions. In fact even the content seemed subtly different but as long as you remember "how" to read the question, it wasn't too bad. I kept bouncing back and forth between feeling good about my answers and completely feeling unprepared, so I have no idea how I did. I have never had that experience on any of the many other cert exams I have taken. So now I have to forget about it for 5 weeks. Good luck to any and all test takers from this past weekend.
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