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Just barely passed today, but a pass is a pass. I started studying the content three months ago and had no prior security knowledge. I owe a lot to the college course I took, but even more to Darill and his book. Thank you! Your book made everything come together for me.

I will say that I fully expected to pass before the test, then when I saw a few questions, was almost positive I would fail. It is tough for someone who does not have experience in this field or who just started studying. I guess the revisions made to Security+ really made it tough to pass unless you fully understand all of the concepts.

Midway through the test I almost got up and walked out. Literally. Every question looked familiar but was reworded and in a different situation than I was used to. Luckily, I was fully prepared. I was at a point last night/this morning when I couldn't think of one possible thing to study more of. I was ready. I will admit that networking knowledge would have helped before taking this exam, but I got a free voucher from my teacher and decided to just take it.

Again, thanks to Darill, and to the community here for your input. It's always extremely helpful and I will try to assist others when I can, although being new to this, its kind of hard!

Well, time to edit my resume!


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    Great job. Remember a pass is a pass. Hopefully, I will join you in a month or two. icon_cheers.gif
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    Congrats. I've been studying all summer and I can finally say that I'm about ready to take the test.

    I understand the test these days have performance-based questions and may or may not have simulations on it. Can you give some insight on your experience? Not necessarily the questions verbatim, but maybe the area or concept they were trying to cover?

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    Yeah I would love to, I just need to make sure what info I can and cannot divulge. I'm not going to lie, for me, half of the performance questions were very tough. But like I said, I am brand new to security in general, and some networking concepts would have definitely helped.

    The other half of them were very easy. Thats how the entire test was to me. Very difficult or very easy. What I can say is that if I can pass it, anyone can! As long as they study. I'll admit, I only used two resources. One was TestOut, which I used during my college course. Then I bought Darills book since everyone said I had to have it. I would be willing to say that if you know that book inside and out, you have a very good chance of passing. But definitely take various practice tests, just to be fully prepared. Thats something I wish I would have done, used more resources. Everyone words problems differently.

    Try googling performance questions for security+ and see what comes up. Even if I gave you a broad description of the performance questions, your test could be completely different so its better to know every concept you can find. But I just got my cert today and am paranoid to say too much!
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    haha, a break from studying!

    but seriously, not sure. I guess CISSP is the next advanced security exam right? And CCNA if I want to go the cisco route? Havent done too much research yet. Network+ is an option, but shouldnt I go for a more advanced cert than something on the same level? Guess it depends on what I want to do.

    I asked my professor for some recommendations on classes and the next cert I should take so I guess I will start putting some thought into it in about a month or so.
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    Congratulations on the pass. Good luck with your adventure, whatever that might be.
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