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This is a lab I’ve been putting together over the last 6 months so I can study the Private Cloud. I've purchased all the bits and bob's over the months as it's too expensive to do in one go.

Hyper-V hosts
  • 2x DELL T110ii servers (Pruchased via DELL using good discounts)
  • Over-time, I upgraded the servers to 32Gb each
  • Xeon Quad-Core CPU
  • Each Server has 4 NIC ports (Management, iSCSI, Cluster Heart Beat and VM switch)
  • Each server has 2x 500Gb in RAID0 configuration (Stores OS and IOS’s only and the odd VM not on the SAN)
  • Windows 2012 Standard
My San configuration is
  • HP MicroServer (2 years old now)
  • 4Gb Ram
  • Standard Controller with 1x 256Gb and 3 1Tb 7,200rpm drives in a RAID0
  • 4 NICs (1 for Management and 3 for iSCSI traffic)
  • 2x Cheap 8 port switches (1gb)
  • 1 switch of for main network, and the other switch is for iSCSI only
So I’ve also most build it up and will soon be ready to install the required virtual machines for Private Cloud.

One question that I can’t seem to answer, what should I load on the HP Microserver to create an iSCSI san? Ideally I don't want a product which will expire in 90days.


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