How to set up SSL using certificates

OK, I installed a license server and it works fine. Basically we have some software that various users use and instead of each having a license file, the set a License Manager Variable that points to a server and port number. I had that all working, but now I have been asked to do this over SSL. The License Manager (LM) is using Tomcat. Prior to me making any changes there was one file in the conf directory .keystore. My instruction say replace the .keystore with mine. I have the four listed below files. The only one I have been able to **** is the .crt to find out its contents. The rest I don't what they contain,other than I learned the .csr is the certificate signing request. This is a RHEL 6 system. I don't know if it is better to ask this question here or in one of the security groups.

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