PELASE HELP!"Server Busy Error" OWA?

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In our Exchange 2010 Environment we have two Exchange Servers named KINEXCHANGE2 and KINEXCHANGE3 and a handful of random users in the company is having issues using OWA sometimes and they receive an error stating the the "Server Busy"? I checked event log and everything looks normal, I also checked the Resources being used and the server is not being overtaxed, so I wonder why only OWA users are experiecning this problem? Please Help!


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    Is the server busy error message and exchange error message or an IIS error message being that it's only OWA users who are getting this.

    There are 2 places I would be looking, IIS logs and Event logs. The IIS logs are pretty good as they tend to show conenctions on a per username basis and you can see if the username is receiving an IIS 200, 403, 401 etc which will help in your troubleshooting.

    I'm afraid this specific issue isn't one that I have come across though.
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    Who's job should I be taking if I help you figure this issue out?
    Being a sys admin sucks but I love it
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