Decimated N+

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Hate to sound like an advetizing geek, but i bought your extended notes version. Best money i spent. The Examcram book i picked up paled in comparison.

After studying for about 3 weeks solid using your notes, and a little process of elimination during the test.... I was able to hit that "Grade" button while laughing :)

Thanks to everyone thats provided answers on this forum. I may have been a lurker for the last 3 weeks, but i really do want to say thanks.


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    CONGRATZ dude.........
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    i remain, he who remains to be....
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    I passed with an 846 using the TechNotes. I thought I had aced it myself. This site really helped me.
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    Superb! Lets see if you can decimate CCNA icon_cool.gif
    The Begining Of Wisdom Is "I Don't Know".
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    Hehe, doubt i'd ace the CCNA tests.

    I think the only reason I did well was the stupid amount of studying i did. Like 2 hours a night every night, on the weekend, practice tests at lunch, tech notes here.

    I did the CCNA training 3 years ago in college, never wrote the CCNA exam.... i'm debating doing that. But we'll see.

    I imagine the 70-291 test will more then likey make me cry mercy.

    Scores don't matter tho really. Was mainly to thank people here.... what matters is that PASS is somewhere on the paper..... hopefully following RESULT:
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    Congrats on becoming Network+ certified.
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