Way to stress out to take the test... Any suggestions?

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So, I have been studying for the Security+ Exam for about two and a half weeks now... I have read Darril Dibson from cover to covered and have taken the quizzes in the book along with the additional study guide... I have taken a few different Security+ practice exams, and I still feel like I am not ready... I was suppose to take the Security+ exam today but I rescheduled to next Thursday giving me another week to study... The pressure is on because I have until Oct 10th to earn my cert as this was a contingency as a new hirer... My wife told me that I am trying to study way to much all at one time and I needed to take at least a day off to allow my brain to process everything, but me being me I refused to stop studying....I have until next Thursday so does anyone have any suggestions on how I should approach this Security+ exam this coming week?


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