CCNA Voice possible with just Packet Tracer?

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I just got a copy of Packet Tracer 6, and it supports CME through the 2811 virtual router. I know that it doesn't support CUCM, but that is only lightly covered with this exam. Is it possible to get CCNA Voice with just Packet Tracer now? What other voice technologies required by CCNA Voice that packet Tracer will not do?
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    Yes packet tracer will cover almost all of the topics for CME except for tftp loads and button assignments. CUCM and UC will require some time on a virtual machine and a real router using MGCP/H.323 and FXO/FXS cards.

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    It can do VoIP using CME and that's about it.


    1) Analog Voice (PT has Analog Phones, but no FXS/FXO cards to connect them to)
    2) Communications Manager (CUCM)
    3) Unity (Voicemail)
    4) Presence (CUPS)
    5) No TFTP LOADS (Getting the first phone of a certain type to work in the real world is ALOT more work than on PT, because you have to properly serve up the LOADS files)

    Plus, Packet Tracer can have odd issues from time to time. For example, last night I tried to setup some IP Phones in PT and for some reason it kept placing all my phones on the Access VLAN instead of the Voice VLAN, which of course meant they weren't working. When I got home, I tried the same thing using a Cisco 2801 Router (CME 8.5), 3550-24PWR (PoE L3 Switch), and a combination of Hard (7960G) and Softphones (CIPC) and it worked flawlessly.
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    kanecain wrote: »
    I know that it doesn't support CUCM, that is only lightly covered with this exam
    I failed the CCNA voice exam a few days ago. I didn't study well CUPS and CUC. It's my mistake. However, CUCM is not lightly covered in this exam
    As much as you expect CME, you should expect CUCM. Again, please don't fully trust my statements.
    Just try to prepare for every area: CME, CUCM, CUPS and CUC and the associated troubleshooting concepts for each of these applications. You may want to practice some CUCM labs as it's hard to memorize just by reading the book. As you may know, this is the norm with all Cisco exam. By doing labs, you may recall the info better.

    Have you heard of CCNA Voice lab book?

    Good luck on your studies.

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