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The TSHOOT exam was, as expected, extremely easy. Anyone who has worked in a production network before should already have the speed and troubleshooting methodology to pass this one easy. I did not expect it to have theory questions and that's the only reason I didn't get a perfect score. You should study the first 2 chapters of TSHOOT FLG for the theory part. That is all you need.

62 days, ~350 hours studying, 139 pages of notes and 3 exams. I am finally a CCNP.

The journey towards CCIE starts now.
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    Very awesome! Congrats on obtaining your CCNP! Thank you too for your overview of the tests.
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    Congrats and good luck on the journey!
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    Nice one. Good luck with everything from here
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    I can't wait to be posting that I've completed the CCNP!
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    Nicely done, and congratulations!
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    Congrats on your success
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    Congrats! I hope to post a similar thread soon :D Again - good luck on the long CCIE route.
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    Yeah, those theory questions at the beginning can get you.
    Definitely read the first few chapters.
    Good Luck with CCIE!
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    Congrats! I just completed the track myself and took the TSHOOT exam Friday... *Edited*
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    I don't want to violate the NDA by giving out information on the exam but TSHOOT is an exam scenario and, in like every exam scenario, there is usually a reason why you might or might not have all the usual commands available.
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    @Dieg0M - congrats! Good luck on the CCIE! icon_thumright.gif
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