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I am new to the forum and joined a month back while studying for GCIA. I cleared the GCIA exam with 92% score. As per my experience I would say that SANS course needs thorough understanding and does not rely on **** or practice test (not available or wrong). I had search for practice question and got some wrong ones which got me scared. If you have done the SANS course, then the questions are based on the content in the course material only. 4 hour exam is tiring.



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    Congratulations ! Hope to join you early next year.
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    Well done on your passing score! I failed my first attempt and would like to find out what helped you do so well. I have taken the course and have the mp3 and have highlighted my books as well. Can you share any other tips you have for when i retake my exam within the next month or so?

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    It's been a while since I took the GCIA exam, but from what I remember, this isn't something you can pass merely by having the courseware at your side. You really need to know the material well and be able to spot subtle patterns within output results, such as tcpdump text. You must also know your IP/TCP/UDP/ICMP headers pretty well. While having the chart is handy, part of you should already have a natural sense of where things are located in each header. You must also have a good grasp of how the IP/TCP/UDP/ICMP protocols normally behave (and signs of their misbehavior).

    When you failed on your first attempt, you should've gotten a list of your strong and weak areas. Which topics were of the latter for you?
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    I understand what I am looking at more since I have been doing this job for about 2 years now. My problem is my lack of ability to take tests and stay confident in my answers. If I stuck with my original answers on the exam, I would have passed. My shortcomings on the results was TCP **** and examining packet header fields and fragmentation. It is frustrating because I know I wavered on those questions even though I knew better.

    So my question is now, do you have any suggestions or resources you can point me to, to solidify what I know and have learned in regards to those topics?

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    Congrats for the passed.
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    Nice score, and congratulations
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    I am getting to retake the exam shortly. I have spent the past several months going over the material again and listening to the mp3s. I do not care for **** and have not even bothered as this is something I know has to have a lot of time invested to get.

    Did you create a separate index of your books to help you reference during the exam? If so, what format did you utilize?
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