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In my current role as help desk support, I also manage our set of IP based cameras. My responsibilities include/have included: finding an appropriate, more scalable NVR system than our previous setup, configuring that system, maintaining the storage and quotas, documenting the camera network, troubleshooting issues, retrieving video for incidents, assigning IP addresses, ensuring everything is password protected, and probably a few other miscellaneous things as well.

This does qualify, correct? I read the CISSP information for comparison of the two certs every now and then, and I mistakenly was thinking that physical security was one of the domains for the SSCP. It is not. If I cannot get the actual certification at this point in time, I'd rather reallocate my efforts to the CCNA track, so that is why I am curious.



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    This all depends on what you want to do career wise, what are you looking at getting into?
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    A security-related field. Right now I'm just not sure if the experience I mentioned would fulfill the "1 year of work experience in one of the domains" requirement. If it does not, I'll just get the CCNA out of the way and come back to SSCP later.
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    Security is rather broad, you would have to choose a specific path to gain the most from the certs/designations. Unfortunately I cannot give you a straight answer to your experience question, you can contact ISC2 directly and ask them if you meet the experience requirements.

    In my opinion, and I am sure it has been discussed somewhere here on Techexams, the CCNA is a good cert to have when it comes to security, it gives you a huge overview of networking. From what I have noticed too, and not downplaying any certs, the CCNA is more marketable than SSCP.

    Just remembered that I had read this some time back, I hope it helps.
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    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind!
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    As a helpdesk Analyst and with the job description you have given I will be surprised if you are not qualified for the SSCP. There may even be other things you do that will qualify you like if you are involved in account management- password change, Active Directory type requests etc. So if you want to take it, you should be qualified for that.

    However, as someone has already told you, the SSCP may not be all that valuable, you might as well just shoot for the CCNA and the after working for a few more years with that, you should have acquired more relevant experience that will enable you shoot for the CISSP- which is a highly desirable and valuable Sec cert, if you still want to continue with Security at that point. All the best to you.
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    Thanks for the insight joebanny, I had not considered the account management aspects of my job. I do deal with resetting passwords and ensuring that "clients" have accepted our AUP when they have not done so on their own.

    In regards to SSCP vs CCNA as you had mentioned, that was my original plan. Quite honestly, I'm just really into the material right now and have just come off the Security+ about a month ago. I will have CCENT at a minimum by the time I graduate though.
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    Even resetting passwords is considered security administration, albeit low. IP cameras are also part of physical security. More useful would be in understanding the lens width and depth and all that as you are responsible for such knowledge in the CBK for the CISSP.

    IT is broad in depth - security only makes the the whole thing explode - depth wise. Where you end up specializing will probably be more dependent on where your opportunities and experience lie.

    - B Eads
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    Good point beads, thanks!
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