Need more memory?

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Would jus like someone to confirm or disagree with my thinking here!My XP client that is connected to my domain is operating quite slowly. Stats are as follows:

Physical RAM: 256MB
Page File Size: 413MB

On task manager:

Commited (K)
Peak 766,500 K (does this equate to approx. 750MB? Unfortunately my maths skills are somewhat limited and could very well have got this wrong!!)

My understanding is that this machine badly needs more memory but could do with someonelses opinion on this please. Is it true that if your peak commited value is greater than your physical memory then this signals lack of memory?As i mentioned before my maths is bad so need to know if i have calculated this wrong!!

Thanks :D


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    Peak memory refers to the maximum amount it used at a certain point since you turned it on. For optimal performance this should be less than the physical amount of ram, but it should at least be less than the ram+pagefile. Increasing your page file (start and max both on 512MB) should help a bit, but yes, you can definitely use some extra ram.
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