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I'm not the type who likes to buy his books...I have over 50 textbooks from college alone, and I spent most of my cert studying time at the mall reading the books in a coffee shop, so I don't have to buy them. ^^

However for my Security+ it seems they only have one book that covers it, called Fastpace. It's a pretty decent book and covers many of the topics on the exam, but is there anything else I could use aside from the technotes and study material on this site? :p
I recommended to the manager that he put more Security+ books in stock, maybe a Sybex one...but that might take a while.

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  • KGhaleonKGhaleon Member Posts: 1,346 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Almost finished taking notes and reading through the Fastpace book. Hopefully my store will have some Sybex or other Security+ books soon. I also downloaded and am currently going through the master *boy am I a ***** test, with over 500 questions. I downloaded the Prelogic sample, but the demo only gave me 10 questions...despite taking 2-3 hours to download on dialup. :)

    Present goals: MCAS, MCSA, 70-680
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    My friend, you are heading in the wrong direction if you are using braindumps. I can assure you that CompTIA nor Johan will welcome this type of activity.
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    hmmm, alright, nevermind.
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    You see KGhaleon - one of the big things about Security is something called ethics. Someone who uses **** is not considered ethical in the security field and in fact I know of a manager who fired a couple staff for using ****. When they went to employment court the employer won as the judge was well aware of the importance of honesty when dealing with other peoples data and information.
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    I'm sorry, I don't really know anything about ****. There aren't alot of free tests out there, and this one seemed pretty nice since it doesn't just give you the answer until you've selected from a multiple choice.

    I won't mention it again.

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    The biggest problem I have with **** is that overall they devalue the hard work that others put forth. A practice exam is a practice exam, and if you memorize enough of them you could probably pass the exams, but what good will that do when you get hired and get presented with a real world scenario?

    I am loathe to buy books too, mostly because they either update or become antiquated before I get around to taking the exams, but really if you want a nice career in IT $50 for a book isn't too bad of an investment. Surely you'll forget a detail or two out of the multitude of subjects you'll cover, so why not have it on your shelf for reference?
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    All I have to say, is that the certification doesn't make the IT, and IT makes the certification. It's what you know that will get you the job, not the certification. So study hard brothers and sisters, you will get yours.
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    We all know how expensive some of these study books are (50-80 bucks) and alot of us are students or just getting started and dont have the money to spend.

    Personally when i go to take an exam i get the objectives and google them, find online study guides and sites such as this.

    I frequent the "discount" book shelves in many book stores, and go to places such as goodwill(ive bought 3 cert books there for as little as 1 dollar a piece).

    And then you have all the online book dealers and sites such as ebay that can produce cheap materials.

    And lastly the one place that is most often overlooked the public library. Your tax dollars built it and you can check them out for free.

    Anyway take the time to find good study materials and shy away from all the braindumps, its worth it in the long run.

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