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Hello Everyone!

I have been reading and following this forum alot, but i guess now it was time for me to register and officially be part of this wonderful community.

Just thinking of studying for CISSP, and had a concern.

My question is, After passing the CISSP exam, what if the endorsement fails? (I don't have endorser, ISC has to endorse me).

I worked for almost 6 years in different positions. My last position was Network Manager and from the start to the end i was responsible with the whole LAN and WAN and Security, like firewalls, IPS, IDS, VPN Concentrators, VPN connections... etc

and later we started our Disaster recovery site and my responsibility was huge on that but it did not last more than 3 years or so.

Do you guys think with the above qualification i have (oh i also hold bachelors degree) will be able to the cissp requirement....Does worth to be CISSP associate?

Thank you everyone in advance!


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    I'm pretty sure the endorsement from ISC2 is along the lines of as if you had been audited by them.

    Of course, if you meet the criteria and have nothing to hide, you should be fine.
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    What if the endorsement succeeds? Would you celebrate it with us?
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