Program only runs with "run as" cmd

matts5074matts5074 Member Posts: 148
Hey guys.

Just curious if anyone has heard of this problem before and might have a solution for me. First of all, the user has all the necessary permissions to run the program, however when they do it crashes with the normal XP crash that offers to send an error report to Microsoft.

Now, if I use the Run As feature and run the program as any other user on the box or domain the program runs just fine. This is a work-around, but not a permanent fix.

This has something to do with the user's profile, because when I copied their's to mine it wouldn't run under my username. Any suggestions short of moving the user's files over, deleting the profile, making a new one and hoping I don't re-create the problem?

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  • rossonieri#1rossonieri#1 Member Posts: 800
    did you install it by add/remove program? does your software has the multiuser capability?
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  • jmc724jmc724 Member Posts: 415
    Just copy their documents and settings, you will have all their emails,address books,docs etc then redo the profile. Import address book and emails etc.

    I had a similar issue with an app, all I did was to give local admin rights on the box and full control permissions on the data source.
    What next?
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