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I took the ITIL Foundation in 2011 and passed with a 31/40. I then took the Service Operation in 2012 and passed with a 36/40. These were taken in a live environment. I am scheduled to take an online Service Transition class in October and I am scared.

I have the OGC ST book but the version 2007. Any tips to help me in taking this exam. One other thing, I have heard that ST is the hardest of them all. I just want to pass this exam once but I have never taken an online ITIL exam before.

I know there is an OGC 2011 book but I don't want to buy it now. My class books do not arrive until Oct 4. Will it be a waste of time to study the 2007 book? I have also discovered two practice exams for ST.

How much study time does one need to pass this exam? Anytips anyone, btw, I am also pregnant, so it doesn't make it easy.

Tips anyone, I will definitely appreciate it.


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    Hi labella, congratulations on your exam passes so far! The good news is that all the exam technique you learnt while taking Service Operation will be useful when you take the Service Transition exam - even though the content is different, you can use the same techniques to identify the 0, 1, 3 and 5 mark answers. The 2007 book will be useful for you to read - the changes weren't huge for this stage of the lifecycle so you can get away without buying the new book. If you're nervous, I would recommend you download the ST syllabus from the ITIL Official Site and use that to do some pre-reading before you start your course. The chapter references for the ST core volume will be different as they are for the 2011 version, but you can use the chapter titles to work it out. Then, take your course using a study schedule that works for you, and use the tutor support that will be available as much as you need to. Good luck! Claire
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    If any one having service transition 2011 material then just provide the site address or provide the pdf files and it would be really helpful for me to start studying the subject.
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