Could anyone please advise?

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Hi all,

i'm pretty new to the forums and wanted to get some advise from people who are currently working in the IT industry in particular with regards to Desktop Support work.

Recently, a few months ago, i passed my Windows Server 2008 certifications to be MCSA 2008 certified. The qualifications i now have to date are the following: CCNA, MCDST, MCP, and MCSA.

Last week I applied for an entry-level IT job titled 'Windows 7 Floorwalker', which involves providing floorwalking support to current Desktop Support employees as the organisation I applied to plans to rollout Windows 7 to their client machines soon.

I have confirmation to attend an interview soon for this position, but my question is, as this is my first IT job, what would duties would be expected of me to carry out, and what issues am i likely to deal with?

Can anyone please advise me please as this would be very very much appreciated.

Thank you all.


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    My first thoughts were that your role would be to provide face-to-face support to users during the Windows 7 conversion rollout. As such, you would help fix what is fixable, and write-up problem tickets for things that you can not immediately fix, and answer questions that the users have. Many questions will be framed as this: "I used to be able to do <fill-in-this> but I don't seem to be able to now because of changes to my desktop."
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    Firstly is this a floor walker for a call center full of phone techs? If so you will be taking escalations, and answering harder or less obvious tech questions for the phone support teams.

    Its a good first job, but with your certs maybe set your sights a little higher on the positions you apply for, you may not have the exp but it sounds like you have the skills/knowledge for a entry level NOC tech or sys/net admin.

    good luck either way
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